Glass beads artist
Belgium – Murano

Maker’s story
“Built something that outlives you”.

Ansuch B is a Belgium glass beads artist manufacturing artworks and vessels from blown glass. Taking influence from her childhood in Ivory Coast, she re-interprets the undulating, vibrant forms through her own inventive approach, handmade blowing glass engraved with a “Battuto”.
She is a member of association des Perlieres d’Art de France and of the International Society of Glass Bead makers – ISGB. She is this kind of free soul, rare, beautiful and talented.


Anusch B creates each vessels using her own glass engraving technic the “Battuto” that introduce unpredictable, unique contrasts to each pieces. A technical virtuosity with the help of a Maestro Vetraio in Murano.. A perfect balance and contrasts where each piece of her collection shows radiance that illuminates the glass, precious metal gold and silver.
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