Spin bobbin lace craftswoman

Caroline Panthier Sabot


Maker’s story
“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”.

Caroline is one of France’s last remaining spin bobbin lace makers sharing and passing this endangered skill craft. In 2004, after being graduated with a CAP “Art of Lace”, Caroline will for nearly 12 years be a trainer in spindle bobbin lace. Since 2015, from her workshop at Brioude, she combines her passion as a drawing designer and lace maker art artisanship, Caroline is passionate about maintaining and passing on her historic skills, some dating back to the 15th and 16th century. In April 2016, Caroline has passed and obtained with congratulations her diploma in Artistic Professions.


Caroline is a lace artisan maker and renewed interest to a niche, historic practice the spin bobbin lace. As one of the last spin bobbin lace artisan in France, it’s likely this know-how is dying. Maybe the only way forward is a re- emergence of the concept of patronage, to keep this skill alive. Without that, this ancestral tradition, traced back to the Huguenots, will become extinct.
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