ODE TO CRAFTSMANSHIP : A link between the past and the future.

Endangered, forgotten and uncommon crafts

Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.

Arts and Crafts movement seek to rehabilitate the work of the craftsmen by returning the entire production process. But, modernity has increasingly marginalized traditional savoir-faire. Mother-of-pearl and marquetry, blacksmiths, bobbin lace makers are scarce whereas there were once in most villages. Nowadays, plastic and concrete replace natural materials that alter landscapes. Modern challenges emerge, like competition from low-cost countries or transferring knowledge’s to newer generations. Yet, crafts endure, expand and serve as a contributing part of our culture besides the economy, marking territories and minds. Thanks to the passion and creativity of today’s profession. This legacy remains a living heritage in endless evolution.
Mastery, know-how, daring, creativity, specification, transmission, sustainability, endangered, fine near forgotten, little-known, craftsmanship…
Living Heritage Companies, MOF symbolise strong values. It shows in manufacturing and artistic creative activities as well in heritage restoration where they transform material corresponding to complex skill, endowed by modern practices. Real laboratories, their workshop allows imagining an exclusive piece, develop a limited series or respond to a custom-made order.
To reach today’s aims, they feed on a legitimate skill that recognizes the codes of the historical.
Rooted in our regions, crafts is symbols of identity and cultural. They contribute in their spirit and represent an asset in terms of a social network. Existent on the export market, they are the windows of excellence of France overseas.

Unlock the skills of the French Crafts

“If you want to love what you accomplish, abandons the passion mind-set “what can the world intend me?” and instead adopt the craftsman mind-set “what can I intend the world ?”.

The craftsman: A persons who exercise an activity of production, creation, transformation or reconstitution, repair and heritage restoration. Mastery of gestures and techniques with an artistic contribution are the craftsman characteristics.”
Present in different markets: heritage renovation, decoration, luxury interior design, arts …
With their constraints and specific expectations, each of these areas required savoir-faire of qualified artisans. Crafts appear fundamental in the luxury area, which focuses on quality of the design and the aura of French Art de Vivre. But an “Y generation” of crafts comes into play.
Born with the net and sustainable development; artisans create a neo-craft open to innovation, interdisciplinary and unique hybrid emerges savoir-faire. A reflection that suggests thinking for manufacturing the future of our society. A snub to overconsumption, mass industrial and “one-use”.
Embodying this recent consciousness, talented craftsmen provide this response where transmissions of knowledge, know-how remain the added value. Master craftsmen create the remarkable supply Made in France and Europe. It upgrades the local and open international perspectives where new discerning and demanding clients go in the quest for meaning and differentiation.
Unlock the skills of our selected craftsmen network from France. Handpicked an article from our present collection to make your own, or encouraged yourself and we inspire your dream. 

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