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Heritage Luxury Craft or Varang Luxury Lifestyle Ltd as the ability to organise a private appointment with a dedicated member of our team.

Our aim is to guide you through our curated collection of blown glasses, ceramics, feathers, textiles, spin bobbin lace, flooring, mother-of-pearl and furniture, so you can tailor and make it your personal request.

Whether is a piece for your home, a special occasion, or our bespoke creations, our goal is to prepare this experience comfortable, memorable and pleasurable, facilitating you delve into the work of our craftsmen’s and engage with materials and process.

Custom made entrance of 80m2
38400 pieces manufactured by hand

Creation time: 380 hours

Wood varieties: Wenge, Sycamore, Mahogany, Walnut

Set cut on a homemade circular saw done by the master artisan. The flooring designs is made by hand. For this creation, it was needed approximately 4800 woodcutting. Made in France in Pierrevert Luberon workshops

Yves: Precious wood marquetry art craftsman – EPV Label

“A creative work will relate your story.”

When his family decided to settle in Marseille, the father was a cabinetmaker craftsman restoring liners flooring as well corporate buildings. While 12 years old, Yves occupies his time in daddy’s workshop and began identifying his bearings in woodworking course. Remarked by one of his teachers, his commitment is to enter the respected and renowned school “André Charles Boulle” in Paris.
He became an apprentice in his father workshop, who teach and share his know-how and legacy in this endangered craft that is wood inlay.

One thing leading to another and far from traditional check pattern, he conceives decorative motif floors resultant a transposition of craftsmanship parquetry into industrialized production, allowing the customization by combining mosaic in traditional parquet. Excluding no teaching opportunities for this unrecognized and unknown craft of custom-made flooring, he is struggling to share and recognise that distinctive parquet art craft which depends upon an irreplaceable savoir-faire and perseverance. He has been awarded a gold medal for massive marquetry in the MOF competition.

Awarded Gold Medal in Massive Parquetry at the “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” competition, labeled “Living Heritage Company” “EPV”, recognised Gold Nugget of the Territory in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

Valérie : Straw Marquetry craftswoman.

“Leaving a legacy to treasure”

The straw marquetry brought in Europe in the seventeenth century is a Far East expertise. It’s a Renaissance art craft, although still little known craft to the public. An unusual craft than wood marquetry that consist in covering objects with a plating of rye straw.

Around the year 2000, there was in France only one Master of Art in straw Marquetry Lison de Caunes. Thanks to an upsurge of interest, though they stay rare, straw marquetry makers are now 20 in France. With a unique know-how, utilising a rather rustic material, the crafts artisan sublimate each object he work. it demands no machine, everything is handmade. The tools and technics are simple: a bone folder to crush and shine straw, a scalpel to cut brush and glue. however, this craft requires a lot of meticulousness and patience as the craftsman can only progress at a rate of 2 cm2 per day.

Trained by the Master of Art Lison de Caunes, Valerie explores since 17 years different aspects of this rare art craft. Her established experience in this exceptional craft, allows her to creates pieces where materials like wood, stone, metal, plastic or even leather are an endless source of imaginary. Crafted with details, her creations highlighting Valerie skills and savoir faire of this art craft. A legacy for the future for this little known art craft.

Descriptif photo :

Entrance private appartement

– Custom made straw marquetry wall

– Ebony panels

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